Gymnasium / Fine Arts Expansion – UPDATE!

 *UPDATE – 10/30/17

We are making great progress, BUT we still have a bit to go in this journey. The thermometer on the website has been updated to reflect around $733,000 in pledges. With the Diocesan Catholic Stewardship Appeal taking place right now, we have pulled back our promotion of the gymnasium/fine arts campaign at Masses.

As of this point, we have enough money to move forward in the project with the official design of our renovated and expanded facilities, and we are currently working with an architect. We cannot go public with the name of the architect or contractor just yet, but will do so as soon as we have approval.

So the question now isn’t whether or not we will build a gym. It isn’t whether or not we can start our construction soon after the first of the year.

The question now is how awesome of a gymnasium/fine arts center we will build! But here’s where many of you come in.

We are not at our total fundraising goal, so as we progress through the design process, some of our vision will be sobered by the reality of budget. This was the reality that our parents and parishioners faced when the original gymnasium was built a few decades ago, and concessions were necessary to stay within budget, such as reduced square footage, no HVAC system and sheet metal walls.

Remember that your pledge is for an upfront contribution OR a three-year commitment. Right now, your actual monetary contributions are very appreciated, but what we need most of all, in addition to your prayers, are pledges. The pledges are the only guide we have for what budget we are working with, even if some families will need three years to complete their promise.

If you haven’t already, please pray about your level of support for this project. If you’ve done that, but haven’t pledged, please click on the link below and join the team of parents and parishioners who are determined to build a facility that fully meets the needs of our students and parish community.

Another $100,000 would put us in an awesome place. It would mean that our architect can retain as much of our exciting vision as possible as we near the point of celebrating a ground-breaking early next semester.

If you have any questions before making your pledge, feel free to e-mail me directly by replying to this e-mail or calling the school office.

Thank you for your support,

Spencer Allen and the Expanding Opportunities campaign.

In addition to an attractive exterior, our new addition will benefit our students and parish community in so many ways:
  • Heating and air-conditioning
  • A deeper, wider stage with dressing rooms
  • Expanded athletic court, with a drop-down divider to reduce late-night practices
  • Private “locker rooms” for athletics and physical education
  • ADA bathrooms with exterior access for recess use
  • Expanded storage
  • Automated equipment
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