Mass Offerings / Memorial Mass

Offering Mass for a special intention is a long-standing tradition in the Catholic Church. It is usually considered that special graces are obtained for whom the Mass is said. Masses are offered for many reasons; for the souls in purgatory, in remembrance for someone who is deceased, in honor of a birthday, etc.

For more information:
“What Does it mean to have a Mass ‘offered’ for someone?”

If you would like to have a Mass said for someone, please contact the parish office (573.635.7991) to schedule an intention(s). The stipend, or offering given, signifies the sacrificial nature of giving something of yourself to associate more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the Eucharist. Each diocesan bishop sets a suggested offering for a Mass intention, and here in the Diocese of Jefferson City it is $5 per intention. We can also provide cards to send people to inform them of the Mass. A card and the Mass or Masses said, can be a great comfort to a grieving family.


Please note:

Our parish is blessed with a large number of requests and stipends for Mass intentions.  However, due to this, it is often many, many months before a Mass can be offered for a parishioner who has recently passed away.  Contact was made with St. Peter and Immaculate Conception parishes to review their guidelines for Mass intention requests.  After review of their guidelines and following discussion at the April 25, 2007 Cathedral Parish Council meeting, the Council approved the following to be used at the Cathedral in scheduling Mass intentions:  

Four intentions for one person can be scheduled per year.  For those deceased more than three years, one intention may be scheduled at a weekend Mass, and the other three would be scheduled at weekday Masses.  This will allow Masses for those who recently passed away to be offered on a weekend in a more timely manner.  (If a request is made for more than four intentions for one person, the additional Masses could be sent away to be offered at another parish in our Diocese). Mass intentions will be scheduled only one year in advance.  All Mass requests will need to be scheduled each year through the Parish Office, and anniversary dates will not be automatically scheduled from one year to the next. The donation for each Mass remains at $5 according to Diocesan policy.

We hope these guidelines will help to schedule Mass requests in a more timely manner for all.